Solarmovie is home to over 10 million audiovisual titles (movies and TV shows), with new content added each day. An easy-to-use streaming platform with the option to download content apart from watching it online. SolarMovie includes full-length films, popular TV series, newly released movies in the theaters, and so much more.

Finding a title to watch on Solarmovie is simple and can be done in different ways. If you know what you are looking for, you can just type the movie or TV show title in the search bar on the home page or on any of the website’s pages. Upon accessing to the search page, you will see the results that matched your criteria and from there you can select the content you want to watch or download.

If you aren’t sure what you are after, you can search through the millions of titles available on Solarmovie until something strikes your interest. Click on each thumbnail to read a brief description of the title being offered. You can also use filters to help narrow down your choices. Sort the thumbnails by genre, including action, adventure, sci-fi, and many more. Narrow down titles based on country, the year it was released, quality of the film, users’ ratings, and IMDB choices.

As you browse through the thumbnails, you will see two small squares located in each top corner. The one in the righthand corner alerts you about the movie’s quality, while the one on the left provides you with other user’s ratings of the film. Upon clicking the thumbnail to obtain more information, you will also receive a list of other titles you might be interested in based on your current viewing choice.

Content available on Solarmovie is free to anybody who wishes to access it, but all viewers must take the time to create a free account. Creating a free account only takes a few minutes and requires only the necessary information. Most viewers opt to stream the content but downloading the content for a variety of platforms is also supported.

Users of Solarmovie are given the opportunity to share what they are watching with others on various social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Users can also see how many other viewers are even logged into Solarmovie and how many are currently streaming the title they are interested in. When visiting Solarmovie, users have the option to use the old site by clicking the box “Use the old SolarMovie? Click Here.”