For users who are looking for the best website to watch free movies, Soap2day is one of the best choices. Soap2day gives users the chance to safely watch high definition movies online for free. This website uploads new content on a daily basis using multiple streaming servers. Content can be consumed on a variety of platforms, including PC, gaming systems, smartphones, and tablets.

Soap2Day provides users with a lot of content to choose from, including current box office hits, popular TV series, biographies, documentaries, musicals, and so many more genres. When sorting through the content being offered, users can narrow their search down by genre, but Soap2Day takes it even further. Search through all of the content provided on Soap2Day by the year it was released is something unique to this website.

Soap2Day also allows users to click on an icon or a tab for the newest updates. This will refresh the screen and provide users with a list of the latest content added to the website. The “Top Watched” tab takes users to the most popular content on the site. This filtered page allows users to see what others are currently watching from a wide range of content.

One thing many users enjoy is the ability to rate the movies they are watching on Soap2Day. Upon choosing a movie to watch, users are able to leave a thumbs up or thumbs down. Other users are able to see these ratings and use them to determine if the movie or show is worth watching. Seeing the ratings requires a user to click on the movie thumbnail; it’s not accessible from the home screen.

Soap2Day doesn’t provide the option of downloading movies only streaming. The website offers users different servers to use when streaming. On the desired contents information page, the servers are listed towards the bottom of the page. You can choose your server based on the version of the movie you are looking for and the preferred language.

Soap2Day works in similar ways to a social media website. Users have the ability to leave ratings, but they don’t have the ability to leave a detailed review. Users can also share what they are watching with others through messenger programs, Facebook, and Twitter. Soap2Day provides users with recommended content based on what those users are currently streaming. No account is required to access this free streaming service.