Unlike other movie streaming websites, Putlocker does not offer a direct stream of copyrighted films or TV shows. With that in mind, the content you find on Putlocker is non-existent. Rather than offer users streaming content to watch, Putlocker acts more like a search engine.

Previously Putlocker.is allowed numerous films to be streamed directly from their website. The content found on the older version of Putlocker included newly released movies and TV shows, along with horror, musicals, romance, and a lot more. The content was not available to stream, but instead, users could download the content in full to watch from the comfort of their homes.

Using the older version of Putlocker to find content was relatively simple. You could browse through the different genres of movies and shows that they had to offer. Users also could browse through content specific to a particular country, including but not limited to Korea, China, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Most people used Putlocker to watch the newest films being released in theaters rather than accessing older content.

The current version of Putlocker serves as a search engine for any film or TV series you are looking for. Users simply type in the movie or TV show they are looking for into the search bar located on the home page. Upon hitting enter, the search engine then returns a list of results based on the title. Results include links to other file hosts that allow you to stream or download the content. Search results also include links to full theater trailers, reviews, and other content related to the film you are searching for.

Putlocker does not serve as a social media type of website. Users are not able to join or create an account to share information with other users. As the new version of Putlocker is not a streaming website, they do not provide recommendations on shows you might be interested in based on your current viewing. There is no option to sign up for a newsletter or email notifications to alert you to new content being provided.

As Putlocker serves as a search engine, users must be careful about the links they follow as with any other search engine. Similar to the popular search engine Google, Putlocker provides “ads” in response to your keyword searches. When clicking on one of these outside links to stream, the users need to pay attention where they are being redirected.