Afdah is an easy to use streaming website that provides users with access to a variety of free content. Users of Afdah have the ability to search through hundreds of titles, including full-length films and popular TV series.

Content provided to users on Afdah includes movies that are currently trending on other popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Afdah also provides users with instant access to popular TV series and original series currently showing on paid streaming services. In addition to the current trending films and TV series, Afdah is home to hundreds of other movies and series, including thrillers, Christmas specials, documentaries, cooking shows, and so much more.

Finding content to watch on Afdah is done in one of two ways. On the home screen, you can enter the title of what you are looking for. Upon hitting the search button, you will be taken directly to the content you are looking for. For those who prefer to simply browse through all of the content currently being offered, click on the blue rectangle that says “Access All Afdah Movies and TV Shows” instead.

While browsing through the hundreds of titles available in Afdah, users have the option to narrow things down with filters. When browsing the newest full-length films to watch, you can narrow down your choices to the most viewed, the ones that are currently trending, and the ones with the highest ratings in IMDB. With TV series, you can simply search through everything or narrow it down to the latest series. Genre is another option for searching and filtering content.

As you browse through the content, you will have the ability to click on thumbnails to gain more information. Clicking the thumbnail takes you to a new screen where you can read more about the movie, see its IMDB rating, and so much more. This is also where you will decide whether you want to use one of their servers to stream your content or if you prefer to download it to your computer for later.

All content found on Afdah is free for all users, but you will need to take a few minutes to create an account. Afdah currently offers more than 10 million titles to choose from and is adding new content each day. Content from Afdah has been fully optimized to run on various platforms, including Smart TVs, PS4, and Xbox One, other than the typical streaming devices.